Our Story

I have always absolutely adored fragrance. As a teenager I was a Saturday girl in the local chemist and was regularly put on the perfume counter. My love of scent began with those joyful days spritzing scent on my wrists and feeling ever so chic and grown up. 

Once I had my own home I discovered the joy of fragrance from candles and potpourri which were very much in fashion even then. Over the years,  becoming more knowledgeable, I realised that paraffin wax products were not the best choice for my home. As such I started looking for alternatives. In the end I decided to make my own and after some trial and error I perfected the melts we sell today. 

We use a high quality eco soy wax blend coupled with pure and uncut fragrance oils to produce, in small batches, products of superior quality that we believe offer a touch of pure luxury for your home. 

Tracy West - Founder