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Where do you find your calm?

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I've always been fascinated by trees, and how they are intrinsically linked to the planets wellbeing. They are so beautiful and majestic, with a powerful healing presence, it's no wonder that so many creatures find safety and solace among them.

Our local woodland and forests are ancient, covering the landscape for centuries, and holding the secrets of the past.

Here in North Dorset we are surrounded by rich and diverse forest and woodland. The Shire is steeped in myth and legend from the fae folk that dwell in the forest, to the pixies that flutter about the woods. Many of my scents are inspired by these magical places, it's impossible not to be moved by them.

I find the woods extremely restful and calming, the sound of the trees has a calming effect on my soul, while the scents are fresh and balancing. Local druids believe that if you tell your worries to the trees, they will provide you with a solution, direction or comfort you. Such a lovely notion! 

It is believed that the fae folk flutter around the tree canopy, their wings sounding just like rustling leaves. If you're deep in the woods and you stop and listen with an open heart, it's said you can hear them singing.

The trees are also a haven for many a creature. I was once on the edge of the woods collecting acorns to use in photos, and a large male fox stepped boldly out from behind the trees. He must have stood and stared at me for a good minute, and I just couldn't look away. I half expected him to raise a paw and speak, just like Fantastic Mr Fox in the voice of George Clooney!  

I find my calm in the woods.... where do you find yours?

Love Tracy x

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  1. Alison

    What a lovely blog post, I lost myself in your words and was transported to the woodlands. They are such a special place to me too. Would love to visit the woodlands in Dorset one day and see a pixie or two ?

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