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Lavender, a true scent hero.

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I am positively evangelical about lavender. Well known for its soporific, sleep inducing qualities, as well as its inherent ability to soothe and calm, it's a natural cure that's been used for centuries.

You will find various balms and tinctures that use pure lavender oil to aid sleep, and to evoke calm. You can pop a few drops of lavender oil in your bedtime bath, or fill a cotton sachet with dried lavender to pop under your pillow.

We are very lucky to have a beautiful lavender farm near us, which is a joyful place to visit in summer. It's wonderful to see the rows of lavender stretching as far as the eye can see, with happy bees buzzing around in their element.

Me among the lavender

 'Me and the lavender, a true aromatherapy experience!'

They trial around 20 varieties of lavender, and distil their own oils in a traditional steam distillery on the farm. They also make lavender products that are sold in their farm shop together with a variety of edible treats made with lavender. We had the most delightful cream tea with lavender scones! 


 'The calming lavender fields'

The farm also has a beautiful healing garden filled with herbs and flowers, a wonderful place to breathe in the tranquility and balance your mind.


'The tranquil healing garden'

If you're a fan of all things lavender you might like to try our beautiful Lemon Lavender eco soy wax melts. This delightful blend of soothing lavender, and zesty amalfi lemons is the perfect scent to take you all the way through summer and beyond. A great odour neutraliser and the perfect space refresher, now available in our online shop.

Lemon Lavender

'A fresh batch of our Lemon Lavender wax melts'

You might also like these beautiful spa bars, also available in our shop. Use as a refreshing and nourishing bath or shower bar, or an indulgent hand soap, for a relaxing burst of aromatherapy whenever you wish.

Lavender Spa Bar

'Lavender Spa Bars' 

Are you a lavender lover? 

Love Tracy x


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  1. Alison

    I'm definitely a lavender lover! This farm looks amazing, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful place near where you live. The combination of lavender and lemon sounds divine and I can't wait to try it!

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