What Are Wax Melts?

Our handmade, eco soy wax melts are a fast way to fill your home with fragrance! Instead of waiting for a candle to burn across and scent your space, wax melts will fill your room with fragrance within minutes! 

You simply pop a wax melt, or a chunk of a multimelt, in the top alcove of your wax melt burner, then light an unscented tealight and pop it in the alcove beneath.  The heat from the tealight gently diffuses the fragrance around the space. Each melt will last for hours, and often lingers well after the tealight has been extinguished.

It's also a very cost effective home fragrance solution, meaning that you can enjoy lots of options and have different scents around your home. Citrus and fresh scents are lovely for refreshing kitchen and utility spaces, marine scents are lovely in bathrooms and for sleep spaces try soft florals such as lavender or rose.

Our wax melts are crafted from ethically sourced eco soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. We occasionally use bio glitter to finish but the end result is a highly fragranced, more natural product suitable for vegans and those who wish to eradicate the use of paraffin wax products in their homes. 

Remember.... If a home fragrance product is cheap then the ingredients will also be cheap.